Hearts Burning

Sermon for Easter 3 2020Luke 24: EmmausIt will surprise no one for me to say that I have been interested in large scale philosophical questions since I was a child. In a not unrelated note, my neighbor yesterday had to explain to me the meaning and significance of something called “the NFL draft.”I remember three […]

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Rich toward God

Sermon for Proper 13C Aug. 4, 2019 Rev. Joshua D. Bowron In my neighborhood we have a sign at the entrance, your neighborhood probably has one too: no soliciting. For our younger members, the sign is supposed to mean that people selling stuff directly to you at your front door is not allowed. I sometimes […]

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Prayer, what it’s not

Sermon for proper 12C Luke 11:1-13 Rev. Joshua D. Bowron I would like for each of you to take a moment and reflect upon a gift that you have received. Think back to a wonderful gift you got, where the one giving it just “got you”. I’ll wait. Don’t get all high minded and think […]

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Sermon, transcript, Lent 5

It occurs to me that the quality of the questions that we ask of anything dictate the quality of the answers, right? I remember I’m asking my dad something one time when I was a kid and he gave me this really sarcastic response, and he said, “Well, if you ask a stupid question, you’re […]

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Sermon, transcript

With this parable I’m thinking about when I graduated college. I was on the five and a half year plan. It was those independent study classes, I just couldn’t finish. I need guidance, but when I graduated I was able to walk with my class, you know? The graduation happened and all of my aunts […]

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Good Friday sermon, transcript

[this is a transcript of the spoken sermon, delivered without notes, I’ve retained the oral character in the transcript] It seems very obvious to me even though we have this highly edited and redacted version of the facts, that collusion is an absolute certainty. Collusion. Collusion between the empire and the Chief Priest, of course. […]

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