Bible study for 1/23/18

We will start our exploration of the scriptural images for God this week. Take look at Psalm 1. What images are used to describe God directly or situate God in a context? Then look at Psalm 32. We will have copies of “Wearing God” on hand for purchase.

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Bible study for 1/16/18

We will spend some time together exploring the images that we have and that we use for God. I’ll adapt a process called “The Work,” for an individualized approach to how we think about God. We’ll also discuss how to proceed with our study.

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Imagining God

This is where we are going with the Bible study. We will explore some images of God throughout the entirety of scripture. Hopefully we will move beyond the tired rhetoric of literalism and mere history into a more fulsome, vibrant use of language for God. Feel free to get a copy of this book. Winner […]

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